Sacropolis Denounce ‘The Sinner’ In Their Indie-Pop Inspired New Single

In a style indicative of their toungue-in-cheek persona, the Frankfurt-based quartet have recounted a vibrant tale about forgiveness.

To trust is to rely on the integrity of an individual, defining it as one of life’s most treasured and vulnerable acts. Comprised of 2 brothers and 2 lifelong friends, Sacropolis are a band that epitomise this statement, with this joyous slice of shiny indie-pop representing their most identifiable and relatable offering to date.

Both musically and emotionally ‘The Sinner’ defines the crux of their artistry, radiating a sonic compound of buoyancy and earnestness alongside embellished rivulets of irresistible chorus and delay. Harbouring a colourful luminosity, the guitars are submerged in vintage 80’s tones with the confident modernity of fellow pop rockers Two Door Cinema Club.

“The Sinner is about the uncertainties of the outcome of a breach of trust. Facing those uncertainties, the song tackles a man’s confession and his wish for forgiveness.”

Hailing from Germany’s financial capital, the four-piece have spared no expense in striving to bring their light-hearted message of recklessness and imprudence to the world. With its uplifting and veracious spirit, the boys have emphatically built on what has been an industrious release campaign so far, jovially documenting their signature blend of flavoursome satire and nonchalance. The Sinner strikes a spark that has gently massaged the auditory side to my conscience and i’m unafraid to admit that I cant wait for the next session.

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