Elena ‘Builds A Ship’ In Her Dream-Pop Inspired New Instalment

The Canadian songstress has given fans a dazzling glimpse at her forthcoming album in this whimsical tale about the mercurial nature of love and human relationships.

To build anything, no matter how small, takes guile, precision and a healthy smattering of mental strength. Born in the icy placidity of Canada’s northern territory, Elena’s journey to this point has employed each of those characteristics, from growing up home-schooled on a cattle farm, to hustling in the vibrant streets of New York City. Breathing with an unapologetic elegance, this new offering blooms into a sleek and tranquil slice of sunshine folk , showcasing its glistening pockets of vocal harmonies with a soft and gentle confidence.

Build a ship details the story of a failed courtship, with the protagonist detailing her escape from an awkward state of affairs that refuses to yield. The rhetoric however is one of empowerment rather than gloom, with the vessel personifying Elena’s willingness to respond to the discomfort with a hopeful ethos. The now London-based singer-songwriter has faced her own imperfections with an invigorating and winsome attitude, employing a sonic simplicity that lends a subtle nod to contemporaries Julia Michaels, Tate Mcrae, & Billie Eilish.

As The 1975 so roundly proclaimed, sincerity is scary, yet Elena manages to portray it with ease, allowing for the alluring combination of lo-fi drums and intricately layered vocals to bask in its own serenity. The affairs of the heart are as delicate as spiderwebs glistening in the morning dew, and this sparkling imagery is sure to be translated into her debut album “Holy Tender Artist”.

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