TASH Tug On The Heart Strings In Their Hard Hitting New Single ‘CRYBABY’

The age old phrase ‘boys don’t cry’ has been floating in the ether since most of us care to remember: but alt-rock trio TASH beg to differ. Shining a light on the frankly outdated stigma, the troika have underlined the notion that emotional intelligence is far more attractive than impervious masculinity.

‘CRYBABY’ is the band’s third single to since their formation in early 2020. Emotions have often been elusive and mystified due to the lack of understanding and acceptance that goes along with them. With mental wellbeing at the forefront of a pandemic stricken world, TASH carry the message with pride “just let loose and cry”. The song itself embraces the hallmarks of fast paced punk, with engrossing and capricious characteristics, leaning on the likes of Blink-182 and Paramore.

“This track was more playful/punky than our previous releases, it was an incredibly fun one to execute, to try and embody someone whose partner struggles to show emotions. As a lyricist I never usually write direct messages, I always want a hidden meaning yet this one is as clear as day! The inspiration behind this track is the saying “boys don’t cry”, being taught from a young age that crying Is not the answer, but as someone who cries rather a lot myself, I can say it’s the best kind of therapy one can get for free so use it! The song writing process began when we did a photoshoot and one of the images (the now cover) came out really well and I turned around to the boys and said “We’re going to write a song called Crybaby and this is going to be the cover” from then on the song came easily building from Robbie’s catchy guitar riff, a playful chorus hook and Sam’s driving groove. Crybaby was born.”

Tara (Lead Vocalist)

Tara’s lyricism beautifully juxtaposes the harsh sonics derived from the guitars and drums, inhabiting the role of the “self-care voice” within a busy and frantic soundscape. With glimpses of synth-led goodness towards the end, the rich cacophony of conflicting textures leaves you thirsty for more, dazzled by the sonic lavishness. Drawing comparisons to Royal Blood’s new single Typhoons (Queens of the Stone Age meet the Bee Gees), TASH’s ‘CRYBABY’ is set to make a mark in this new era of Rock’n’Roll, and the premiere of the accompanying music video will transpire on the 12th of Feb. TASH have left us titillated by their single; one can only imagine what the marriage of a video will do for the experience…

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