Somebody’s Child Have Marched Fervidly Into The New Year With ‘The Lover’

The Dublin-based 5-piece deliver a powerful and defiant statement against the status quo in this impassioned new offering.

Serving as the third release on their upcoming ‘Hope, Amongst Other Things‘ EP, The Lover is a stirring testament to its name and origin. Containing an ever-shifting presence of transparent indie rock, the gripping combination of sleek and vitalising instrumental work with unprocessed and gritty vocals encase the single in a ceaseless sense of sentimentality.

Opening to the hazy timbre of palm muted guitars and flickering synths, this record stands as an obvious and dignified departure from their more bustling releases; muzzled by its own volatile intensity. Though lyrically it compares to previous compositions, the ambience and structure follow a gradual and more continuous pattern, starting with a sense of restraint and building into an energised crescendo that bursts with an emotive warmth.

The context is riddled with prevalence, detailing the depersonalisation of a protagonist who is struggling to come to terms with universal chaos; shroud in a shadow of habitual skepticism. Yet, within the introspective rhetoric there lies a glimmer of hope, one that refuses to be extinguished.

“‘The Lover’ is probably the heaviest track I’ve ever written. It was written from a place of utter turmoil, which is quite obvious from the way I sing in it. It’s supposed to make people stop and actually listen, in a world where people’s attention is being sold to the highest bidder. It’s quite different to our other stuff, but that’s entirely the point. If it shocks you it’s done what it’s supposed to. Make of it what you will.”

With a narrative that ignores the offer to conform to the senseless patterns of societal normalities, the end product is a record that progresses and unravels with complete poise and definition; another unequivocal example of this bands scary potential.

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