Smmr Cmp Condense The Feeling Of Desire In Their Glistening New Single ‘Heather’

For many, 2020 conjured a whirlwind of negativity, converting the most vivacious of characters into despondent shadows. The LA-based duo have masqueraded a contagious air of resilience in this buoyant and colourful message of reassurance.

In Scottish folklore, Heather symbolises a number of myths, with the white flowers meaning protection and good luck, and the purple representing admiration and solitude. Composed as a homage to the emotional strife of a close friend, these superstitions are illustrated by Summr Cmp in their confessional lyricism; injecting a hearty dose of infectious optimism.

With its textured use of flossed guitar tones and warm synths, this record smacks of early Tame Impala and the inky psychedelia of Sports, twinned with the sleek pop nuances of Blossoms; accompanied by a shimmering vocal display that anchors the mix as a fanciful spectacle of sparkling flair.

If insecurity had a sound, you could be sure that this compound exuberance and charm wasn’t it, however it’s this contrasting glow of adjacency that leaves a lasting imprint, though its narrative encapsulates the concept of separation and yearning, the chorus-laden tonality offers an intriguing and upbeat contrast.

After being propelled together in the spring of 2020 by the unprecedented clutches of the pandemic, the west coast pairing have demonstrated a compelling attitude towards honing their sonic footprint; breaking the mould of their restrictions and challenging the stigma of the independent artist.

At time when self-isolation is testing the resolve of many, this record acts as a deserved respite; even if it is for just under 3 minutes.

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