With a sound that is at times minimal, yet always accessible and suitably intense, the London-based Balamii resident refuses to be pigeonholed, pushing the boundaries of track selection beyond the realms of experimentation.

From layering notes of ambient krautrock with acid jazz, to slamming 4/4 techno; her mixes are sonic contradictions, but with a vibrantly cohesive undertone. Citing some her influences as Haai, Donna Leake and Ozzy Osbourne, this wild stylistic versatility represents her character outside the studio, not one to conform to a musical script, instead capturing a more progressive and absorbing sound.

Despite the hinderance of the pandemic, 2020 was another fruitful year for the Essex-born DJ, continuing to bring an original taste of electronic music across the UK. Airtime on Balamii and NTS radio has pushed her status from relative unknown to an exciting up-and-coming prospect; with a bi-weekly show that is sure to set the tone for another busy year on the airwaves.

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