Carly Opacic Dives Into The Celestial Realm Of The Moon In Her New EP ‘Luna’

The Orange County native has detailed the affliction of heartache with a sincere insight into an exhausted relationship, using the spiritual aura of the moon as a poignant metaphor.

Through time, musical styles have manifested into many different sub genres, whether it be alternative, progressive, electronic or even psychedelic. Yet the essence of its core foundations have stayed intact. With subtleties of contemporary Americana within a melting pot of numerous other tones, the now Nashville-based songstress has channelled the perennial feeling of vulnerability in this velvety homage to self-aid.

Inspired by the likes of Daughter and Milky Chance, the title track Luna showcases Opacic’s lyrical authenticity, carrying a sentimental sting in its impassioned delivery as it grapples delicately against crisp drums and pockets of glossy guitar work. This record comes as an exciting insight into the rest of the album, portraying a distinctively original sound with enormous potential.

I was influenced by a poem about a break up that explained it with space and then another quote about how the sun sees your body, but the moon sees your soul. I resonated with this and have always been obsessed with the moon so it just clicked perfectly.

The sense of empowerment invites listeners to feel connected, understood and celebrated whilst being serenaded in layers of addictive indie-pop. With its glistening charm, Opacic has crated a shimmering example of instrumental simplicity, painted in ostentation with roaming sheets of polished acoustic passages. Lunar underlines the notion that even through moments of hardship and heartbreak, where isolation can become overwhelming, we are not alone.

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