Lucy James Champions The Unappreciated In The Celestially-Charged ‘Cloudy Vision’

Swimming in a soulful a concoction of dream pop and ambient jazz, James’ leads us on an introspective journey of self-care and appreciation, wrapping a candid arm around those who feel bound to anonymity.

Picture it. The world is multiplying at an unprecedented rate, the concept of being a ‘big fish in a small pond’ feels like its inverting on itself; the notion of an alternate universe has manifested itself into reality.

For many of us, the process of catastrophising is instinctive, a matter that the Derby-born songstress has detailed and normalised in this sparkling new instalment. Despite its hazy title, this track bleeds with a luminescent brightness, igniting a deep and focused reflection into the human psyche whilst endorsing James’ instrumental and compositional flair.

A ballad is traditionally defined by its sentimentality, following the emotive attitudes and beliefs of the lamenter, a statement that ‘Cloudy Vision’ summarises in perfect clarity. Lyrically, it reflects how so many of us are chronic over-thinkers, often reverting to analysing and micromanaging ourselves in moments of doubt instead of remedying the bitterness with kindness and self-confidence.

I would describe my music as an invitation to feel emotionally validated, especially for those who don’t often feel voiced or represented. In today’s world, it is imperative to know that even though your difficult moments may seem so definitive, they are so temporary. I really hope this song can act as a healer for anyone needing to re-ignite the hope in themselves, after the crazy year we’ve all been through.

With vocal stylings inspired by the likes of Adele, YEBBA, Shoshana Bean, the freelance composer is currently scoring a plethora of theatre pieces, embellishing her eloquence and creative zeal onto the big stage. Though this single was engineered before the pandemic, the narrative and rhetoric are as current as ever, driven by the subtle pockets of ambient acoustics that drench the mix in subtle shades of reverb.

Coming in just under 5 minutes, this opening chapter in James’ musical journey is a page turner incarnate, reaching out a virtuous hand to those who feel burdened by their own negativity; offering a subtle nudge as if to relieve our humanistic anxieties.

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