Life Drawings Paint An Upbeat Picture Of Self-Reflection In Their New Single ‘Tony’s Lottery’

The London based quartet have started 2021 off on an ironically whimsical footing, exploring the mundane and frivolous observations of everyday life.

Indebted to the landscape of 90’s TV, Life Drawings have detailed their own instinctive nature of improvisation in this quirky tale of emotional reflectivity. With its choral shading akin to David Byrne’s fantastical guile, the lyrical ambiguity establishes a gratifying reverie that veers towards the realms of new wave.

Speaking with an unbridled sense of humility, the band compare themselves to a karaoke version of alternative rockers ‘The Fall‘ and ‘Yummy Fur‘; a comparison though satirical is completely unjust. Thematically, their previous single Trolley Dash followed a similar motif, paying homage to the outmoded media culture before the arrival of the millennia.

It’s an upbeat little number and we hope it’s a lot of fun. Lyrically, the song is a demonstration of placeholder lyrics getting out of control. Initially the musing “I make this up as I go along, like Tony Slattery on ​Whose Line is it Anyway?​ ” made on demo recordings was then misheard as ‘…like Tony’s Lottery…’, which inevitably had to be incorporated into the actual song.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Barry, The Birthmarks, Dry Cleaning, Dog Chocolate and The Goon Sax, this record arrives as the band’s second impressive studio release, and now the four-piece are ready to return to the live circuit with a refreshed set-list of colourfully rhapsodic post-punk.

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