Italian Duo WAMI Release Dreamy New Single ‘Life Is Good’

Rousing a positivity that soothes as it gratifies, the former resident DJ’s have teamed up with Julia Shuren in this delicately captivating slice of contemporary R&B.

Optimism is often as elusive as it is contagious, with the former being the most familiar at present. Yet music is a medium that offers an escape from the ambivalence, with the artists themselves becoming the orchestrators of musical therapy.

WAMI have taken to this role with a wholesome finesse, delivery a soulful dose of uplifting Neo-jazz with an excitable edge. Drawing their stylistic influences from electronic heavyweights deadmau5, Daft Punk and Avicii, this record oozes with a colourful radiance, painting the soundscape with a vibrant palette of subtle reverb and sparkling vocal processing.

Compositionally, the track leans on the fervent coattails of Mac Ayres, Alicia Keys and Sampha, fusing impassioned lyricism with a charming wistfulness, yet it retains an rich sense of originality from its use of opulent synth patches and electronic subtleties.

The song was written with the intentions of lifting people up through this difficult time that the entire world has been going through. The past year has been bombarded with bad news, and sometimes we need a reminder that it’s going to be alright. We just need to start spreading good vibrations with simple gestures and although the holiday season won’t be the same this year, we hope this song can help lift the spirits of people that need it the most.

After 2 years of journeying down the label route, the twosome have found solace as independent artists, plying their trade as an autonomous entity that resonate a sincerity and devotion to a craft that will only improve with every dazzling release.

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