Abandon Ship! Release Their Sparkling Latest Instalment ‘Get Blazed’

The Basingstoke-based four piece have set sail on a journey of gratitude, championing the here and now in a dazzling spectacle of sonic cohesion.

The evolution of musical impression exists within every band and artist, whether it be a purposeful shift in order to diversify with the changing landscape, or an expansion into a new genre for stylistic reasons. Abandon Ship have taken this mindset aboard their vessel with an impressive level of maturity and sophistication.

Adopting the woozy tonality of Australian cruise-rockers Ocean Alley and Sticky Fingers, Get Blazed opens to a shimmering compound of droning synths and coarsely filtered vocals, bursting into a vibrant illustration of rich textures that teeter delicately on the edge of hypnotic psych-rock.

The instrumentality flows with an air of dizzying anticipation, shifting from a reticently soothing verse into an explosive blend of roaring guitars and crisp rolling drums; all serenaded by a matter-of-fact lyricism that rounds the single off with a crowning sincerity. The fragmented and often splintered way of life in post-millennial Britain has become a fruitful source of inspiration for the group, detailing the satisfaction and antipathy that comes with existing in modern society.

Get Blazed is a love song about your friends. Upon listening to the song for the first time, one’s assumption would be the song was describing a potentially romantic affair between 2 people, as is typical of contemporary lyrical content these days. However the original attitude of the lyric was intended to be an appreciation of one’s peers. As is seen in the lyric ‘our time is best spent when we put it to waste’. Often, I’ve found my fondest memories are symptomatic of the people surrounding me irrespective of the location, or other external factors that would typically hold an intrinsic value. It always plays second fiddle to the people you’re with. So that was kind of what I was going for. That, or it could just be about smoking weed, which is illegal in the UK so obviously I’ve never done that.”

Luke Burywood – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar 

After building momentum in 2019 with appearances in front of sold-out crowds alongside the likes of Larkins and Milk Teeth, as well as a small tour supporting Luxembourg’s ‘TUYS’ in early 2020, the announcement of another lockdown forced a complete change in tactics, compelling the quartet to start writing and recording at home. With Get Blazed coming as a shining bi-product of this creative constraint, Abandon Ship! have gallantly dropped anchor and are here to stay for the foreseeable.

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