One To Watch: Elijah Miller

The Bedford-born singer-songwriter possesses an assiduous collection of endlessly playable anthems; dishing out an introspective serving of delicious indie rock.

Citing the likes of Kings of Leon, Little Comets, Cassia, Peace and The Cure as his greatest influences, woozy meets grandiose in what is a deep-seated sonic collision of alternative pop.

After releasing the raw and profound IDONTLIKETHECOLD back in early 2019, Miller took the decision to purposefully divert from his band-driven escapades, and instead embark on a journey into more acoustic pastures. His latest enterprise ‘The Sugar Rush’ embodies his own humanistic fragility, relaying anecdotes through a mixture of hazy instrumentation and enigmatic storylines; offering a deeper connection with the man behind the microphone.

Undeterred by the recent developments in the capital, the turn of 2020 signalled an exciting development in the singers new release campaign, announcing a show at the esteemed Oslo Hackney on the 20th February. With news of a third vaccine being approved for use across the country, the infectious optimism surrounding this year will surely aid Millers continual rise to the top; we’ll be waiting for when that glass ceiling breaks.

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