Dealing with an honest portrayal of the human psyche, the London-based quintet stylishly narrate the trivial elements of life from their own melting pot of alternative rock and indie-pop.

For any artist to represent a miscellany styles there must be a clear and obvious meld of influences, a deviation from the foundations of the original genre they strive to replicate. The Pylons are a band that have embraced this sentiment, from the brazen psychedelic synth work likened to early Tame Impala, the nuances of modern soul taken from Jungle’s ‘forever’, to the band-driven industriousness of Arcade Fire. 

As we’re guided head-first into the realms of the alternative, the voice of triviality creeps ever closer into the fore, narrating everyday life from the perspective of four elementary souls that see life through a light-hearted lens. What is to be admired and also questioned is the provenance of their sonic ambiguity, is it a matter of refusing to conform to one genre or is it a ploy to explore a stylistic change in direction from project to project?

Despite the chaos of the pandemic, 2020 still managed to bear fruit for the now London-based outfit, with two dazzling new singles in the form of ‘Leaving’ and most recently ‘Grumble’ forming the springboard for their new release campaign.  Now thrown closer together in the current circumstances, the boys continue to live in delicate harmony whilst tenaciously building bridges with neighbours; you could say it won’t be long before we hear another delicious instalment. 

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