Month: January 2021

Smmr Cmp Condense The Feeling Of Desire In Their Glistening New Single ‘Heather’

For many, 2020 conjured a whirlwind of negativity, converting the most vivacious of characters into despondent shadows. The LA-based duo have masqueraded a contagious air of resilience in this buoyant and colourful message of reassurance. In Scottish folklore, Heather symbolises a number of myths, with the white flowers meaning protection

Life Drawings Paint An Upbeat Picture Of Self-Reflection In Their New Single ‘Tony’s Lottery’

The London based quartet have started 2021 off on an ironically whimsical footing, exploring the mundane and frivolous observations of everyday life. Indebted to the landscape of 90’s TV, Life Drawings have detailed their own instinctive nature of improvisation in this quirky tale of emotional reflectivity. With its choral shading

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