One To Watch: Sunflower Thieves

Pop-Folk. Two genres that on their own carry a startling juxtaposition, the first being a sign of sonic progression and ostentation, whereas the latter embodies a sense of tradition that proudly excludes the use of any mechanical control.

Comprised of Amy Illingworth and Lily Sturt-Bolshaw, the Leeds-based duo are pop-folk personified, connecting the sonorous floridity of contemporary textures with an anecdotal and expressive nod to classical lyricism.

After sixteen years of friendship, their strong soulful sisterhood has nurtured a sound that respires with a frosty veracity, where each new creation manifests into a piece of the writers themselves. The purposeful connection between tonality and connotation produces an ethereal delight that lulls the mind into a state of complete mitigation.

Drawing comparisons to The Staves and female trio Joseph, this impermeable sonic identity has left a lasting imprint on everyone it reaches, staying true to an unprocessed craft that will see them go even further in 2021.

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