Wind back a few years to 2015. BBC Introducing Lincolnshire have just received a breathtaking EP from a relatively unknown source: cue the dramatic entrance of a young Toby Johnson.

The history of the singer-songwriter has a rich and fruitful lineage, from the dusky folk-driven tones of Nick Drake to Johnny Cash’s sorrowful blues laments. From the birth of his rustic blend of acoustic-pop, Johnson jumped enigmatically onto a bandwagon that had once carried the pioneering composers of a genre well traversed, and universally loved.

Originally embarking on a film degree, his first release detailed the capricious nature of our existence, an enchanting and irresistible level of songwriting that left you in a state of meticulous contemplation. Fast forward 5 years, a record deal and several thousands of streams later, and he hit back with his best work yet, dissecting the often gruelling notion of hindsight in his enchanting beautiful EP ‘Things We Should Have Said‘. From such humble beginnings, it’s clear to see how and why Johnson’s charm has rubbed off on each and every listener his music graces, all falling for a sincerity that accentuates the unrelenting sense of musical finesse.

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