Born on the UK’s south coast, the North-London rapper traverses an eclectic combination of soul, old school hip-hop and subtle nuances of grime.

Giving a nod to the venerable wordsmiths of the past, the Bournemouth-born lyricist balances vintage textures and contemporary instrumentation to create a genre-defying sound that breathes with a stylish maturity.

Since his debut release ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ graced our ears back in 2019, the artist has embarked on an industrious release campaign, dropping four additional singles with long-term collaborator Joss Ryan. Whilst continuing to lay down defiant statements of intent with his music, AyiTe has grown in stature and creativity, striving to promote the universal themes of affluence, friendship, identity and the frustration felt in our constant pursuit of success.

I don’t want to make it sound like a throwback for the sake of it


Ending a challenging but successful year with the glitteringly satisfying ‘Legacy’, his intricate balance of melodic flow and wavy production will continue to unite fans and music lovers alike, augmenting his reputation within the UK rap scene as one of the most talented up and comers around.

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