GrayWave Undergoes a Dark Evolution In Her Enthralling New Single ‘Like Heaven’

Taken off her highly anticipated upcoming debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’, this sulky and ferocious latest offering beautifully captures the notion of self-destruction.

Moody, mysterious and brutish, they say all good things come in threes and this record is no different. Conducting itself with a blustering presence, ‘Like Heaven’ dances to the tune of its own name, melding dreamy shoegaze with the warm and rich layers of contemporary noise-rock.

Despite its grittier demeanour, this single represents a purposeful lean onto a more lucid train of thought, representing a darker side of the human mind and our ability to push doubt and lack of self worth to the forefront of our minds. Its coherence and intelligent use of lyricism draws comparisons to the likes of Slowdive and Crumb, whilst retaining an originality that speaks even more volumes that the roaring resonance of the track itself.

Littered with sprinkles of magic, Graywave has once again demonstrated a relentless attitude towards honing her own sonic footprint, leading to a single that emanates the impression of an artist who really is at the top of her game.

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