North London’s Hongza delicately reimagines Harry Styles Smash Hit ‘Cherry’

Offering a subtle divergence to the more industrious tones of the original, the British-Vietnamese singer/songwriter has expressed a graceful sombreness that breathes with a wistful energy.

Served as the third beautifully ambient instalment to conclude what has been an enthralling release campaign, granular lo-fi textures coil effortlessly around swathes of shivering guitars and impassioned vocals, set back amongst layers of silvery textures. The endearing rusticity affirms its sonic adjacency to Style’s stirring break-up lament, redefined with a tender nod to contemporary bedroom-pop.

As the soundscape takes on a brooding demeanour, the record develops into a wistful breakdown that ascends in intensity like the rising of a winter storm, bleeding with a frosty elegance and undeterred by its own fragility. Inducing ironic thoughts of missing someone you haven’t even met, Hongza’s almost dejected narration drifts across the mix like a hollow wind blowing in a cave.

“Harry Styles holds a deer place in my heart, he is my fashion & musical icon. I wanted to do his track justice by creating a coming of age movie dream-pop ballad to cry to. I love that he defies gender norms by wearing what the average ‘man’ wouldn’t. I chose Cherry out of all tracks because I remember first time listening to it and thinking that it’s so emo!”


As we depart the hollow gloom of 2020, a sense of unbridled optimism has slowly started to creep into the fore, evoking memories of a time before the pandemic. Entering a new phase with a full band setup in 2021, this new single stands as a reminder of Hongza’s artistic diversity, which will only go from strength to strength as we enter the new year.

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