Enchanting Indie Pop Perfection Delivered by Irish Singer/Songwriter Joseph Kiernan

November 20th marked the release of the third single offered by Joseph Kiernan ‘Vertigo/Little Astronaut’, which melds the beautifully crafted lyricism from traditional folk and the crackling warmth of lofi production.

Building on his sonic style, one that draws upon a melting-pot of bedroom pop, indie, folk and electronic genres, “Vertigo/ Little Astronaut” is timely reminder on why Joseph remains one to watch. After only gracing us with his presence since the start of the year, Joseph has effortlessly and consistently created this aura/landscape within his music in which you lose yourself.

The track is initially built around a stripped back piano-led melody, providing the perfect backdrop for Joseph’s delicate and poignant vocals. His voice paints a picture of untethered raw emotion as if flowing straight from the heart, the timbre of his voice flowing softly in and out of exquisite falsetto. As the song progresses, it moves towards a more experimental sound, infusing vibrant electronic passages with acoustic elements. A true example of this is the synth-like arpeggiated guitar acts as a bed for his organic, unprocessed vocals to lay.

“I was making music to self-soothe. My closest friend was very ill and I was struggling with the inevitability of his passing”, explains Joseph. “I was hibernating from the world out of necessity, and channelled all my sorrow and hopes into the record. The music really helped me to find meaning in all the uncertainty. I found listening back to the demos at the time very comforting. My hope is that others will experience the same.”

Joseph Kiernan

The track’s accompanying music video, also released on November 20th, excellently portrays these emotions – featuring stunning aerial shots of the ocean, moving into a montage of nature-based cinematography; with fleeting and distant appearances from Joseph himself. The video paired with the stunning photography of the artwork vividly paints a picture for the listener to escape in, which is helpful to many at a time like this.

Beginning his musical career early this year with the release of his debut single “The Bees Do Not Sleep” and sophomore track “Strip The Vines”, Joseph is fast developing his unique style, sound and songwriting talent. He draws upon life experiences to create music that is personal, contemplative and introspective. His debut EP is expected to be dropped next year and you should expect to hear from us about it when it does.

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