Novi Releases The Dreamy Synth-Wave Inspired ‘Electricity’

The Oregon native has radiated the feel-good vibes we’re all currently longing for in her charismatically charming latest offering.

Starting her career into the arts as a comedian and improvisor, Novi, aka Carolyne Neuman, moved from The Beaver State to the bustling streets of LA, and with it embarked on her journey into the music industry.

Embodying its name with perfect clarity, ‘Electricity’ highlights Neuman’s charismatic and playful personality whilst portraying the liberated persona of an artist that refuses to be pigeon-holed. Working within a sea of manufactured, copy-and-paste musicians, her sonic vibrancy is as impressive as it is refreshing, moving with an ever-expanding presence that demands attention from all that acknowledge it.

Electricity’ is about that first love of something, or a person that just sets your soul on fire! For a moment or forever. I’m the type of person that falls hard for good energy.  I’m always in search of anything that lights me up! Life is short, so might as well fall completely in love with it from time to time. Let the enthusiasm fly off like loose glitter 


The free spirited creative rebel has once again transported us into a world seen from her almost vehement perspective, delivering a well-needed dose of dopamine that flows effortlessly throughout the mix. Serenaded by a compound of enchanting electronic textures and energetically modern tones, this record breathes with optimism, and we for one cannot wait to see what the new year brings from one of the west-coast’s brightest talents.

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