Amber Jay Teases Upcoming EP With Futuristic Bedroom Pop Track ‘Pencilled Brims’

Powerfully layered synths and haunting melodies offer a glimpse into the world of Liverpool based newbie Amber Jay.

This is the third offering from Amber Jay which is set to be followed by an EP in early 2021. Taking notes from heavyweights Marika Hackman, girl in red and Julien Baker, this single solidifies a high standard of production and quality of lyricism that has thrust her creative ingenuity into the industry spotlight.

Drawing on the connection of character and narrative, Amber Jays fascination in the big screen and music gently slips through the cracks. Cinematic moods can be clearly felt through her experimental production whilst also pulling on those emotional chords from Amber’s songwriting abilities. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the EP and were not disappointed in the slightest. You’d be a fool not to go and pre-save this album as soon as you can.

“Pencilled Brims holds a microscope over an initial moment of intimacy and how that moment almost becomes suspended in our minds, to be witnessed and analysed during and after the interaction has occurred. It highlights how in the action of intimacy there is a vignette-like experience around the event, allowing us to hone in on specific details to extract their beauty. However, suddenly finding yourself tied within a person so intensely, can mean you lose sight of yourself and the perspective of the situation. The line between love and obsession becomes equally blurred and no matter how much you try and change a person ‘the nature of the beast never leaves its side'”

Amber Jay

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