Bedroom-Pop Pioneer Far Caspian Returns To The Fore With ‘Warning Sign’

After taking a short hiatus since March of this year, the singer-songwriter has hit back with an impactful yet minimalist taste of what’s to come from his forthcoming new project.

Starting from a humble basement home studio in Leeds, Joel Johnson has embarked on a sonic journey of introspective discovery, melding hazy elements of chill-pop with more granular lo-fi textures to create the accomplished sound we hear today.

Self-described as ‘melanjolly’, this latest instalment drifts and glides across your ears with an almost reticent swagger, seamlessly showcasing the undeniable talent of one of the UK’s most fascinating and detailed producers. The backdrop of intricate guitars and ambient reverb tails drape themselves across the soundscape as Johnsons candid lyricism zealously grips the mix.

This is the first track that I’ve put out since March so I’ve been really keen to get something released. I have a load of demos that were more “Far Caspian” but decided to go with this one as it felt like a step in a different direction and although that terrifies me I think it’s good to be out of my comfort zone! I’ve started getting really into The Postal Service and other 2000’s bands like The Radio Dept. who incorporate a lot of electronic elements into their production as well as bringing in a female vocal. I recently met Sophia Mohan (SOMO) via Instagram who sang on the track with me and it’s the first time I’ve collaborated with another singer. Before I had even asked her I wrote the song with the idea to have a second vocal in mind and it was nice for it to work out so easily. The track itself is basically about being in that part of a relationship where it should probably end but you’re holding onto it and the feelings that come along with that. Feeling like you’re saying the wrong thing all the time.

Far Caspian

The wait for Far Caspian to return to our speakers has been undoubtedly worth it, adorning our ears with an exciting flavour of sophistication twinned with his trademark sincerity that leaves a lasting imprint with every listen.

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