Only Sun Reveal Anthemic New Single ‘Extraordinary’

The High Wycombe quartet have leaked a preview to the inner workings of their upcoming Album ‘Tangled Mind’ in this shimmering latest offering.

Drawing on classic indie-pop foundations, ‘Extraordinary’ does justice to its title as we’re thrown head first into a whirlwind of glistening synths and crisp resonant percussion. The outrageously feel-good chorus only adds to the unrelenting colourful broodiness of the whole track, which constantly evolves into a developing mix of concentrated ambient layers.

“Everyone’s got that friend that has seen you at your worst. That friend who’s watched you plummet into scenes of regret on nights out and at times, dived right in with you. They’ve dragged you kicking and screaming into a taxi, home before things got criminal. They’ve taken the cursory abuse and still stuck by your side. Everyone’s got that friend right? Maybe we’re just awful humans clinging together like a tangled mess of duct tape in a world of perfect beings. To others they are an obnoxious mess but to you they are extraordinary.”

Only Sun

Conveying an acute view into their exciting upcoming project, this new instalment breathes with a sense of sparkling optimism, capturing the true sentiment of its meaning with a charming attention to detail that will only accelerate the buzz surrounding : ostentation never sounded so good.

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