“Psych, Soul & Fish Finger Romance” in new video from dream pop collective ‘Spang Sisters’

Sleazy Americana meets 70’s soft rock in the Bristol outfits new dazzling instalment ‘Eddie Murphy’

The track is a blissful slice of dream pop elegance, with hints of psyche, soul and funk combining to make a plethora of musical styles. Spang Sisters have done an excellent job in capturing the mood of yesteryear in a time where music is capturing both contemporary sounds and vintage vibes. With Kiwanuka winning the 2020 Mercury Prize for his soul searching third album, who knows what may come for the sisters of the spang.

The video on the other hand, which has been selected for screening at the London Short Film Festival, follows the romance between a fish finger and an inquisitive sausage. This theme pushes the boundaries of how a very human narrative can be conveyed through such a minimalist medium. The video pairs well with the music creating a surreal ambience whilst also comforting you in its warm and soulful arms.

Eddie Murphy is simply a love song of which Jules ( Gibbons) composed a first demo a few years ago now. The lyrics depict a relationship gone sour wherein the one antidote seems to be an extraneous and seemingly irrelevant source. In this case, it is an Eddie Murphy movie.

Richard Fakhre

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