Good Morning TV Lighten The Mood With Decadent New Single ‘Insomniac’

Filled with introspective distinction, the French-born outfit have unveiled their shoegaze-inspired latest offering, taken from their upcoming debut album ‘small talk’.

Opening to the crooning resonance from the Rhodes, the song breathes with a stern yet gentle frankness, grappling with its own feeling of non-conformity. As we’re softly lulled into a sense of contemplation, the introduction of the crisp, break-beat drums signal the reveal of the tracks duplicity, painting itself liberally with layers of character and guile.

Carefully revealing elements of the incoming album, “Insomniac” bears various impressions of the human psyche, embodying its own title in ironic clarity. The songs mixture of delicacy and robustness creates an ambiguity that leaves the listener no room for estimation on the feel of the rest of the project, pulling us closer to its encompassing mystery.

This single serves as a reminder of Good morning TV’s relentless attitude towards honing their own sonic footprint, leading to an opening single that emanates the impression of a band who really are at the top of their game.

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