Arran Sym Debuts Alternative Lo-Fi Pop EP ‘1000 Micrograms of Love’

The Glasgow-born multi-instrumentalist has truly explored the realms of new-wave pop in this dazzlingly imposing latest release.

Since growing up on Scotland’s west coast, Sym and his creative vision have embarked on a journey of artistic development and sonic collusion. Working alongside the likes of Kevin Sinatra and Ibn Inglor, his discography beautifully balances across a spectrum of light and dark, inspired by the discovery of new and innovative production styles.

After a moving to Japan in 2019, the singer-songwriter commenced a change in musical direction, opting to deviate from his previous engineering work to instead focus on a more collaborative solo-project in the form of ‘1000 Micrograms of Love’.

The EP opens to the atmospherically gripping “Dosed”, served as a captivating introduction to the artists subconscious, layered with exquisite Beatles-inspired melodies. The succeeding track “Run With Me”, follows a much darker and more energetic path than the remainder of the set-list, swiftly becoming a fan favourite with its ability to burrow its way into your ears, a true ear worm of the highest calibre . The EP continues with an additional four tracks including the already released singles “Moving On” featuring Kevin Sinatra, and “Part II” featuring Chicago rapper Ibn Inglor. Bouncing from smooth, ethereal soundscapes to vibrant hip-hop and lofi-pop beats, 1000 Micrograms of Love perfectly encapsulates Arran Sym’s ability to escape through music.

“The EP is about finding love…. It’s not a typical super happy bubbly love project, but I think it’s quite an honest and truthful one,” says Sym. “It’s just me expressing genuine emotions and feelings and discovering songwriting as I go. I never planned to sing and make my own music, but it just felt natural at this time in my life. I had ideas I wanted to get out and let go of, and I’m really happy with how it all turned out.”

Arran Sym

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