BLÜ EYES Delivers Beguilingly Comforting New Instalment ‘Just Life’

Clinging to the coat-tails of sincerity, the LA-based singer/songwriter has proudly presented one of this winter’s most refreshing tracks in this pop-inspired story about a fight between friends.

Photo By Brittany Berggren

Soaring into view with a profoundly reticent confidence, BLÜ EYES takes us on a journey of self-discovery and humility, fluxing her compositional finesse between alternative pop and electronica.

‘Just Life’ exudes with sentimentality, pulsating in a show of compellingly arranged synths and elegantly chopped vocals, reflecting the emotional inflection in the lyrics with a moody elegance. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Gia Woods and NEIKED, the haunting force of filtered reverb tails and wailing vocal harmonies fuse in melodic harmony, whilst retaining a heightened sense of originality from BLÜ’s gracefully controlled vocal delivery. 

“I hope that if someone finds themselves in a dark place, this song can be a little guiding light to help them soldier on – like it was for me.”

Following on from her more dance-driven releases, the singer-songwriter has flourished in this newfound musical direction, portraying not only her vocal accomplishment but also a charming frankness from the artist behind the microphone. Arriving as her fifth release of the year, this single will go on to forge into a highly anticipated debut album coming next year, where we’ll see BLÜ EYES continue to forever uncover the beauty in the broken.

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