Heralded as one of the UK’s brightest newcomers, the songstress is back with another delicious taste of candid storytelling in her wistfully playful new singles ‘Puddles’ and ‘Champagne Fizzles’.

At a time where the feeling of nostalgia burns brighter than ever, Proto has romanticised the sentiment of youthful naivety, underlining the emotions behind a good-natured and often comical relationship. Written in typical whimsical fashion, ‘Puddles’ represents another glistening string to Jodies curiously addictive bow, all wrapped up in a light-hearted and charming package.

As time passes, we sometimes forget to cherish the here and now, lost in a world of responsibilities and expectations as adulthood approaches. However this single challenges the notion of growing up, underlining that we should embrace and cherish the days where our childishness was celebrated. This is another exciting chapter in Proto’s impressive catalogue, so we caught up with the singer-songwriter to discuss this latest offering and her journey into the industry.

Hey Josie, thankyou so much for taking the time to talk to us! You have an in- spiringly multi-faceted approach to your music which is not only refreshing but really impressive for someone so early on in their career. How would you describe your songwriting process?

It’s totally different every time! I work with a lot of other songwriters and producers, and when I am in a studio with them it’s usually music first and then lyrics after. In fact, a lot of my songs are inspired by of something that happens that day, or that week. I try to write presently. Other times, when I am writing by myself, I write lyrics first and then melody. That’s mostly because I spend a lot of my time on trains, so I tend to not want to start randomly singing made up lyrics on the train. I don’t think it would go down too well!

You cite Nina Simone and Lily Allen as some of your influences, do you strive to avoid being likened to different artists or do you appreciate the comparis- on?

It’s so flattering to be compared to artists that I look up to! I love being likened to other artists, especially artists that have influenced me because it means I am do- ing something right. I understand why other artists may find it frustrating but it doesn’t bother me at all!

Sliced Bread was written when you were just 16, when was it that you real- ised you were destined to become a musician?

The moment I opened my A-level results and realised that my attendance being at 60% because I was in London writing and recording music was probably the reason why I flunked all my classes and wouldn’t be applying to uni any time soon! I don’t think destined is the right word for me, I think I fell into music because it was some- thing that I loved and spent all my time doing! It was natural that I just kept going, it’s making me happy and I get to do some really cool stuff!

Your new release ‘Puddles’ is one of my favourite tracks of yours, could you go into a bit of detail about its meaning?

I have done a lot of growing up in the last year, all my friends are still in Uni but I am working non-stop and moving out (real moving out not uni moving out!) I feel old! I bought bath mats the other day, that means I am at least 42! ‘Puddles’ is about wanting to not have to do the dishes, and wanting to be able to relive my childhood. Being an adult is so boring, its my escape into being a kid again!

Do you have a favourite song that you’ve written or do they all resonate with you in different ways?

I love all my songs but Burner is by far my favourite to sing! Such a release of en- ergy and anger! It makes me feel so much better!

This year has thrown up so many varying surprises, the good and the bad, but music has remained a beacon of hope throughout. What should we be expecting from you in the coming months?

I am dying to start gigging, so as soon as it is safe to do so, you’ll be seeing me on stages! I am also working on LOADS of new music. My second EP is on its way out and I am so excited for what is coming after!

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