Dream-pop outfit Van Houten Release Searching New Single ‘You and Me’

Shroud in layers of shimmering Psychedelia, the Leeds based five-piece have followed on from their debut self-titled album in glisteningly lazed fashion.

Offering a deep insight into the reflective state of maturity, You and Me carries with it a hypnotic brightness that parades around your ears with a nonchalant swagger. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Real Estate and Jay Som, its rich sonic ambience submerses itself in nostalgia, evoking distant memories of childhood and adolescence.

“You and Me reflects on the darker side of love and relationships, describing how me and my partner grew apart and outgrew one another. The song is about me trying my best to help this situation but ultimately making things worse through my actions. The song describes the fragility and fleeting properties of love and lust.” 

Bordering on granular, the group have managed to encapsulate a true vintage resonance from each instrumental selection, from the muted Hoffner-inspired bass tone, to the crisp and burnished drum texture. The result is a contemporary yet original sound that sways with a delicate confidence, entrancing as it soothes, smothering you in its unremitting charisma.

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