Cara Hammond – Artist Of The Month

Born and raised in the tranquil isolation of Northern Wales, Cara Hammond is a singer-songwriter that refuses to conform to being bracketed into one genre.

After picking up the acoustic guitar at the age of eleven, the songstress has embarked on a musical journey of self-discovery, from Leeds College of Music to Love Supreme Festival, all the while striving to develop and innovate her artistry into something wholly unique. Inspired by the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Ray and Ben Howard, her signature blend of soulful pop, alternative folk and RnB has continued to adorn the speakers of thousands across the world, all spellbound by the potency and personality in her lyricism and instrumentation.  

As any avid music fan would have you believe, the ability to connect with an artist and their music carries with it an unrivalled sense authenticity, being able to share experiences without even knowing of the others existence. Through detailing her own ordeals as a young up-and-coming artist, Hammond offers out a candidly transparent hand to those who wish to understand her narrative, serenaded by a compound of enchanting electronic textures and nostalgically rustic tones. 

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Violet Skies, Hammond’s impassioned consistency is as refreshing as it is impressive, stretching from her debut release in 2016 to her latest enthrallingly emphatic instalment ‘Twenty Four hours’, and we for one cannot wait to see what the new year brings from the now London based vocalist.

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