Jemma Johnson Releases Her Widely Anticipated Second Single ‘Pretty In The Dark’

Off the back of the powerfully emotive ‘Did I Say Enough’, Leeds-based Jemma Johnson is back with her gloomy bedroom pop belter ‘Pretty In The Dark’.

Drawing her influences from all corners of the industry, Jemma Johnson is an artist that evolves with the times, combining a mixture of modern and vintage tones in a deliciously expressive and refreshing taste of alternative pop. Inspired by the likes of Billie Eilish, ambient synths grapple against stuttering percussion in what is a dazzling new offering, enriched with enchanting melodies and cinematic textures that render you powerless to its unrelenting charm.

In typical Johnson fashion, instrumental dynamism collides with lyrical sincerity as we’re guided tentatively into a sonic reimagining of her own stories. However unlike the perpetual sense of endearment in ‘Did I Say Enough?’, this latest single represents a bolder, more assertive side to an artist is stepping out in 2020 on her own terms

“Pretty In The Dark refers to the honeymoon period of a relationship where you think it’s going perfectly, until you realise you’ve completely lost sight of who you really are. I’ve been in the position in the past where I subconsciously created a sort of alter ego because I thought that’s who the other person would want to be with. Looking back now, I don’t see it as a negative, it felt empowering, more so because it turns out they didn’t deserve the real me.”

Jemma Johnson

Taken from Jemma’s new EP due later this year, ‘Pretty In The Dark’ is a beautifully pronounced body of work that gets better with every listen; gently foreshadowing the brilliance of what is still to come.

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