Midlight Release Tranquil New Offering ‘Sink To The Level’

Songs have the power to define moments, our brains evoking a nostalgic reaction to the sound of summer anthems or winter ballads. Brighton-born four-piece Midlight have created what I detail as the perfect morning song, serving as the ideal sonic accompaniment as the sun graces the dawn with its yawning shimmer.

Built around the songwriting of lead singer George Ireland, ‘Sink To The Level’ sees introspective lyrics meet subtle melodies and busy percussion in a distinctive and yet captivating new record. Opening to the soothing and vintage textures from the Fender Rhodes, the moody yet ethereal instrumentation develops into a mix of concentrated ambient layers, creating something wholly warm and inviting. As the drums amble and saunter through the mix, the sluggishly swung percussion reverberates with a delayed cadence, blending into the atmospheric reverb tails provided by guitarist Isaac Squires.

It sounds like nothing we have done before. Not in a dramatic way, but for the first time, certain instruments take centre stage. It had an immediate atmosphere when we began recording it and I think that comes across in the song.

George – Midlight

Not only does this single capture the atmosphere of Midlight’s sound and space, but it reflects an alternative side to their artistry, starting a new campaign as the band’s first self-release to come out of their new studio in Brixton. Released alongside the track will be a limited amount of cassettes containing additional sounds from previous recording sessions, for which all proceeds will be going to the save our venues movement.

Following on from this release will be an accompanying music video made by Brighton-based animator and illustrator Daisy Link. Known for her experimental stories and strange characters, the visual accessory brings to life a song that already breaths with enough character and personality to smother you in its unremitting charisma.

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