Sam Wilde Releases New Single ‘Time Will Tell’

Detailing the initial feeling of apprehension during the early stages of a relationship, singer-songwriter Sam Wilde has captured the true essence of alternative rock in this sparkling new offering.

Taking on a more mellow approach in comparison to his two previous singles ‘In Your Head’ and ‘On The Run’, this record packs swathes of emotional sentiment into a blissful compound of tightly compressed rolling drums and hypnotically distant guitars. Not only does it showcase Wilde’s impeccable lyrical talent, but it maintains an energy that links his previous more industrious work to this latest showing of polished songwriting.

Everything was recorded in my bedroom over the lockdown period and then I sent the stems off to Lee Smith to mix the track. It was then mastered by Jamie Lockhart. This is the first time I’ve fully recorded a track at home, but I loved the process and how the final product turned out so it’s something I’m going to consider doing a lot more”.

Sam Wilde

Collaborating with esteemed producers Lee Smith (Alex Claire, The Cribs) and Jamie Lockhart, this is the third in what has been an exciting string of new releases from the Leeds-based artist, and only time will tell when he graces our ears with the next instalment.

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