London-based singer songwriter ALLY THORN has strolled elegantly into the picture with her engrossing new single Poison.

Walking a tight rope between contemporary folk and alternative pop, the composition fluxes and pulsates in a show of compellingly arranged synths, reflecting the emotional inflection in the lyrics with a moody elegance. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Florence & The Machine, Bishop Briggs and Selah Sue, the haunting force of filtered reverb tails and wailing vocal harmonies fuse in melodic harmony, with Thorn retaining a heightened sense of originality in her dynamic vocal delivery.

Having worked with award-winning producers and songwriters such as Jon Kelly, Tom Fuller and Stuart Stuart, it comes as no surprise that this single is as imposing as it is, so we caught up with Ally to talk about the inspiration behind this impressive first offering.

Hey Ally, congratulations on the new release and thanks for talking to us. Poison is your amazing debut single, what was your inspiration for the song?

Thank you so much- so pumped it’s finally out! 

This one’s centred around the struggle to flourish in new relationships after going through bad past experiences. Instead of embracing all the good things I think sometimes we seem to cultivate this very reluctant mentality- constantly questioning if we can trust this other person and even sometimes ourselves. 

You’ve spent a while trying to decide on an artistic direction, and in this release I feel you’ve really embraced a sound that suits your voice, where would you place your music in the current landscape and who would you say inspires your artistry?

YES, definitely took me a while! 

Like you say, I think I’ve finally found what I normally gravitate towards with my vocal approach and the melodies I sing when I start writing a song. I’d say I sit in the Dark, Alty realm of Pop now- with a lot of my inspiration coming from artists like Florence and The Machine, Lorde, and Bishop Briggs.  

I’m happy to say we’re almost getting back to a stage where we can put on live events once more, if you could choose one artist to go on tour with who would it be and why?

SO exciting! 

Ah man, that’s really tough. I guess at this point in time, it’d probably be Bishop Briggs. She just seems like an epic human, full of energy and attitude, so I think her live sets and travelling around would be a lot of fun!

You’re originally from Australia but now live in London, has this lifestyle change effected the style of music you make or is it a case of writing about what’s happening in your life at the time?

To a certain degree, for sure! 

As I said, everything I write about comes with the mood I’m in or things that are exciting me, scaring me or what have you at the time. Living in London is definitely quite the opposite lifestyle to Australia (not too sure I’d go swimming in the Thames any time soon) and it comes with it’s challenges (like being broke majority of the time haha), but I definitely have learnt so much, met some amazing people and probably done more song writing collabs than ever before, which has brought in new perspectives and influences. 

As I said before this is such an amazing song, we’ve been playing it all week, are you planning on releasing anything in the coming months or will you go away and write some new material?

Thank you again- means the world that you guys dig it! I do indeed have plans for more releases- hopefully a second single shortly and I just found out yesterday that a super exciting collab may also be going ahead- so looking forward to revealing more soon 😉 

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