Katherine Aly Releases Synth-Pop Spectacle ‘God Breed’

Taking a deep dive into the “divine hardship of artistry”, Katherine Aly returns with her latest single ‘God Breed’, embracing an aptitude for electronica whilst utilising the full extent of her dream-laden vocal delivery.

Inspired by true life events, the song characterises the hardship that artists face in the wake of their work, with the singer herself decreeing ‘God Breed’ to be a “manifesto for the creative alliance and the duty of resuming after every setback”. In a world of differing challenges and unsettled normalities, Aly has crafted a record that amplifies the need for self-care and creative expression, advocating for those who strive to influence their artistry in the face of uncertainty.

With some wonderfully cinematic soundscapes tying the listeners to the temptation of Katherine’s passionate deliverance, we are reminded of the prolific talents of Bjork and PJ Harvey, showcasing an original balance of chaos and control.

Working as more of a standalone release in comparison to her three previous solo endeavours, Aly has wistfully paraded us through waves of pictorial imagery, working alongside producer’s Graeme Young and Bruce Wallace to construct what is another marvellously arranged record that leaves you excitedly waiting for the next release.

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