Dunebug Delivers Another Soothing Taste Of Dream-Pop In Her New Single ‘Impossible Without You’

After releasing ‘Alone Like Me and ‘Summer In Love’ early this year, Manchester-born Dunebug is back with her stirring third single ‘Impossible With You’. Carrying a sentimental sting in its delivery, chorus-drenched guitars blend into weeping melancholic harmonies in a brewing pot of original slowcore. Not only is the mix tastefully gritty, but the ambient layers of delay and reverb add a heightened sense of placidity, almost as if to wrap a reassuring arm around you in solidarity.

The unkept and unprocessed body of textures allow for the blurry, rolling drums to stagger through the spaces with a decadent swing, grappling against lush reverb tails. Drawing comparisons to early Mazzy Star, the engineering simplicity gives this record a polished finesse, gracefully steeped in celestial vocal tones that coat your ears in a glossy veneer.

Speaking on the track, Chi says “I wrote this song over lockdown, where I had an abundance of time to reflect on my past and present, which inspired me to write “Impossible With You”. It’s a song about being trapped in a relationship that didn’t allow you to grow and blossom as a person, whilst having all these hopes and aspirations that were deemed completely impossible so long as you stayed with that person. It’s about taking that leap and having the courage to walk away. I know it’s a cliche but life really is too short to sit around mulling about what could be. If you’re having to hold back on a lot of things that make you happy in life then the question you have to ask yourself is, is it worth it? Is it worth all the sacrifices you’ve made? Are you willing to sacrifice more in the foreseeable future? Life is about balance and compromise, don’t get dragged down by the ‘what ifs’, go get it!

‘Impossible Without You’ is another enchantingly original statement from an artist that defines her creations, continuing to serve up records that personify universal emotions from a more detailed perspective. This single will form an upcoming debut album that will in no doubt be one of the first on our pre-order list, and it should be yours too.

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