Jess Fitz Releases Anthemic Summer Single ‘Miss Me When I’m Gone’

After the commercial recognition of her previous two singles; ‘I’m Fine’ and ‘Saturday Night’, shining new pop sensation Jess Fitz is back with another momentous release, destined for festival stages across the world.

Landing with a confident bravado, Jess describes the song as being “about having feelings for someone but never telling them because you’re scared of rejection.”, going on to say, “I think it takes power to show vulnerability.” From the outset, the mix stuns the listener into a soothing trance, from the nods to 80’s funk and disco, to the house-driven piano that propels the tempo of the industrious rhythm. Produced by Tony McHugh, the soundscape is tastefully topped and tailed with soulful pop driven brass arrangements that sweep us purposefully into soaring chorus’. Fitz continues to champion women in her studio set-up , pairing up with long-term collaborator and saxophonist Sophia Hall, who’s soulful tones of billowing horns feature heavily on this single.

Mastered at Metropolis Studios by Stuart Hawkes, the final product draws comparisons to the likes of Jessie Ware and Dua Lipa in what is a dynamically exhilarating sonic puzzle. The range of production and instrumental expertise renders you powerless to its subtle charm, transporting you into a world seen from Fitz’ almost vehement perspective and heard from an ever-jealous and exiting new voice on the scene.

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