8th July 2020

In this series, we’ll pay homage to underground Hip-Hop talent, artists making steady progress and waves within the game.
So without wasting too much time in no particular order…


I was introduced to UGLYFRANK through his solo EP; Bobby Hill, released back in 2014. That West Coast feel to 90 (feat. GLENN) had captured me as a fan. After doing more research, I had discovered he’s part of a Tacoma based group called ILLFIGHTYOU and on their self-titled mixtape, Frank kept coming out with the stand out verses. He’s pretty much stayed true to his flow and style since arriving so I’m sure his efforts will get the recognition they deserve soon.

Dot Demo

I had discovered Dot Demo also back in 2014 through the release of his mixtape Delta Theory. After following his career and releases since then, he’s shown steady progress and growth in his music. Coming from The Bronx, New York; you can hear this essence in his flow and voice, also he hasn’t strayed from this style in the pursuit of clout which is always assuring.

Huey Briss & Seafood Sam (Rules Follow Us)

I’ve included these two together as I had discovered them together back in 2015 through their self-titled Duo EP; Rules Follow Us. Hailing from Long Beach, LA both of these artists have been able to make major strides in their solo careers and in a lot of ways, I prefer them as solo entities.
Seafood Sam boasts a super smooth cadence and flow over smooth beats and Huey Briss boasts a bouncy cadence over boom-bap jazz beats but their West Coast influence is heavy in their sound.


I had discovered Qari as 1/3 of Chicago collective Hurt Everybody back in 2015. I won’t say he was the standout as Supa Bwe and himself both had unique styles, yet within the collective; Qari’s gravitated towards me.
His voice and cadence is super cool and an ideal vocal for recording, forever coming out clear no matter if his flow is constant. It never sounds like he needs a breather even though he constantly flows.

Remy Banks

Remy Banks is an artist I had discovered through collaborations with Domo Genesis from Odd Future. Part of a Queens, New York set; Children of the Night and this set is within a bigger collective named World’s Fair. Remy had always stood out from this group with a super smooth flow and a heavy “smoke to this” vibe within his stanzas.
This cadence is something he leaned into heavier through his solo releases and is still going strong.


$ilkMoney, not the first time I’ve featured him in Hip-Hop Insight and probably won’t be the last. I discovered $ilkMoney in 2016 as part of a Virginia based collective; Divine Council from their debut EP Council World. As the standout track from the EP was a solo song from $ilkmoney featuring the legendary Andre 3000; Decemba.
Since then he’s gone solo and is making good progress with a super unique flow and a co-sign from Tyler, the Creator.

Boldy James

Boldy James, an artist that’s steadily etching out of lists like these. Co-signed by The Alchemist and from Detroit, Michigan. He had appeared on Big Sean’s 2010 release Finally Famous 3 (The Mixtape), yet; I didn’t really take notice back then if I’m honest. But after a lot of hustling and recent releases with The Alchemist; his music has taken my attention and many others as he collaborates with the likes of Griselda Records, Vince Staples & Freddie Gibbs.
Boldy boasts a smooth, yet gritty cadence constantly detailing his stories from the trap.

Thanks for reading!
Check out the projects these artist’s have released, I’m sure they wont disappoint!

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