After releasing his impressively dynamic EP IDONTLIKETHECOLD last year, the London-based singer-songwriter is back with an entirely different project; a stripped back compound of soothing vocals and mollifying guitars. ‘This’ serves as a perfect example of engineering simplicity, the condensed arrangement reflecting the fragility and vulnerability in the lyrics. As is typical in Miller’s artistry, the words remain personable and relatable, offering a deeper sense of interaction with the man behind the microphone. This is the first in what will form an exciting new acoustic EP, so we caught up with Elijah to discuss his upcoming body of work and the meaning behind it.

Hey Elijah it’s so good to be able to talk to you. You’ve just released your new single ‘This’ which will feature on a brand new acoustic EP, why have you decided to embark on this type of project?

Well it came around at a pretty hectic time in my life, I was getting ready to record new music with the band and then all of a sudden the country went into lockdown.  I think I had been sitting on some of the songs for this project for nearly two years and I didn’t really know what to do with them.  Luckily I produce and record all of my own records so it sort all fell into place at the right time.  I write such an array of music only about 10% of it actually ever gets released so this is just one of the many projects I have that actually got to see the light of day. 

You’ve cited Kings Of Leon and The Cure among your list of inspirations in the past, are you constantly finding new ways to evolve as an artist or do you stick to a recipe that works for you?

Well my music taste plays a huge roll in how I write, although if you went through my Spotify I don’t think you would see the correlations… I’m really into Punk and Rap which I suppose you can slightly see in my faster lyrics but I spend a huge majority of my day constantly listening to new music and finding new artists that inspire me or challenge me creatively.  That’s one of the things I love to see in an artist or band, the evolution, seeing how they got from one record to another and following their journey. 

‘This’ is a beautiful example of engineering simplicity, where vocal and guitar collide in a compelling display. Tell us a bit about the origin of the song.

Thanks very much, well I actually wrote it originally to sing at my sisters wedding, but sadly they had to delay it for a year because of COVID but I figured in the meantime I could just stick it out and see how it’s received.  The track ties back into my acoustic roots in a big way so it’s also a song for some of the old school fans – almost a thank you and a nod to how I started out busking with an acoustic on the streets of Bedford.

You’ve played a number of gigs across the country now, if the opportunity arose and you were given an international tour, who would you take as a co-headliner and why?

Oh good question… I mean if I had the choice of anyone I would love to take Little Comets.  They have been one of my biggest inspirations since I was like 15 and I’ve never actually seen them live so to go on tour with them would be mental – from what I’ve seen online their live shows are so energetic and creative I could definitely take a leaf out of their book.  Or Cassia because I love their sound and vibe. 

It’s been an extremely difficult time for everyone during this lockdown period but it’s amazing to see the creativity that’s come out of it, how have you spent your time in quarantine?

I’ve actually created and perfected the perfect bagel recipe, and I mean that these bagels are mental I think if this whole music thing doesn’t work out I’m gonna open a bagel van and just travel round the world making bagels.  So yeah mostly music and bagels I actually can’t complain!

As I touched on before ‘this’ is the first single to be followed by a brand new EP, what should we be expecting in the coming months?

So ‘This’ is just a little teaser to an EP that’s coming out in the next month, it’s got three brand new tracks (maybe not brand new if you’ve came to a live show in the past year) but they are actually some of my favourite songs I’ve ever written and I’m super proud of them.  One track is about my previous experience with online dating and the other track is just about wanting someone to care for you despite knowing it’s not what you need.

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