Neev Releases New Single ‘Forgiving Light’

The Scottish-born singer-songwriter, now based in London, has come back into our sights with ‘Forgiving Light’, an uplifting and inspired new release from what is an understated new voice on the scene.

This is her third single of 2020 after ‘Black Over Grey’ and ‘Tunnelvision’, with these tracks starting to form what will be her debut EP, teeing up a personal narrative that ensues in ‘Forgiving Light’. Many artists have found that they may have to get a bit more hands on with a record than they usually would, and this song is a prime example of embracing the situation and getting it done yourself. Neev recalls; “I wanted to give this track a more intimate and home-made feel, so being forced to make it at home was actually ideal. Some of the percussion is just me hitting objects around my room!”

Here we have an example of an artist taking the initiative and engineering the production and mixing process independently, a true testament to her talents. Drawing comparison to Lucy Rose and Lianne La Havas, the lyrics detail the undefined moments in relationships, as we are offered the gentle metaphor of being in a dimly-lit room, romanticising the darkness that resides within.

As we patiently await the next chapters of this story, ‘Forgiving Light’ has left space for Neev to grow this ever-stretching inner dialogue into her upcoming releases: and we’ll be front row when the next one comes around.

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