Jemma Johnson Releases New Single ‘Did I Say Enough?’

Relationships are a universal chapter of peoples lives that we can all relate to in some way, the good and the bad. Written as a reflection on her own personal trials and tribulations, ‘Did I Say Enough?’ is the powerful and intimate new offering from Jemma Johnson, expressing the cruel sensation of emotional vulnerability in what is a hauntingly captivating experience.

The instrumental is simplistic yet exciting, allowing for the words to steal the spotlight as roaming layers of wailing vocals and ambient synths fill the empty spaces. Drawing comparisons to early James Blake, the glitchy, and at times, distorted lilt to the percussion collides with Johnson’s silk-like vocal-delivery to create a resonance that bleeds with an earthy authenticity.

Speaking about the origin of the single, Jemma says “The evening I wrote the song, I felt I was starting to piece myself together again after the end of a long-term relationship. I’d never be so honest and frank with myself, which is what makes this song special to me. It might seem to others that this song was written out like an apology for someone, but it was more metaphorically sitting myself down and accepting some responsibility.” 

‘Really good!… It leans into almost 90s pop with with Fiona Apple splashes I loveeee’

Maisie Peters

Taken from her new upcoming EP, this release is an impressive statement from an artist who is gracing 2020 from a defiant standpoint. It’s safe to say that this year has been unpredictable, however what can be predicted is that Jemma Johnson will only get better and better: watch this space.

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