JJ Draper Releases Powerful New Single ‘Awake In The Night’

At a time where emotions are running high around the world, the deafening screams of ethnic injustice have sought to put an end to the oppression that so many still face across the globe. Awake In The Night is a homage to why the fight is necessary, following the true story of a senseless racially-provoked murder, told through Draper’s beautifully deferential falsetto; his second in a line of releases working with Joey Walker from Natural Habitat Studios.

Opening in crystal clear form, the metallic resonance from the finely plucked acoustic gently blends into the hauntingly reverential narrative, stunning the soundscape into a hollow silence. As the song progresses from verse to pre-chorus, the minor scale in the previous section suddenly switches to a major, signalling a sharp contextual change in mood and tone. Transitionally, each section flows into the other with an effortless saunter, allowing for the small pockets of ancillary elements to saturate the mix in a gentle warmth. Disclosing the climactic point to the story, the chorus bleeds with emotional cadence as layered harmonies and delicately swung brushes move in elevated unison in what is a strikingly cinematic final chorus.

When asked about the songs origin, Draper replied “I wrote ‘…if you’re awake in the night’ to chronicle the surreal experience of those who come inadvertently into contact with a troubling world they don’t understand. In a city where one can live next to thousands of people and know no one, the song muses on the anonymity and dislocated nature of living in London – and whether those of us uninvolved in these tragic crimes are in someway complicit in them because of ignorance and inaction. The song evokes bad dreams and horror but is an off-kilter cry for unity in a fragmented society”

The relevance of this single is as powerful and emphatic as the performance, balancing an elegant combination of ambience and instrumental texture with a strong underlying rhetoric; a honest reminder of the reason we should all strive to contribute towards a society where we are all treated equally.

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