The Pylons Release Chaotically Brilliant New Single ‘Leaving’

Sometimes the situations you find yourself in can be difficult, but walking away from them, even tougher. Frozen in the 70’s, Leaving is a euphoric new offering from London 4-piece, The Pylons.

Following a string of well-received singles, including radio play from Huw Stephens, the band’s latest release sets a new standard, with raw, textured riffs and a joyously infectious chorus that leaves you with an excitable buzz. Accompanied by a playfully provocative video, Leaving is not a lingering break-up song, but a confident and defiant reaction against a difficult past.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala, Jungle and Arcade Fire, the band have lived together in a once-quiet corner of the London suburbs. For the last year they’ve been writing, recording and rehearsing, whilst building and burning bridges with neighbours. Now thrown together even closer in the current circumstances, they have unleashed the first of a campaign of new singles. When asked what genre I’d put The Pylons into, it’s always difficult to answer, but it’s also a question I don’t feel needs answering. The fact that their sound reflects a miscellany of musical styles is what gives it such an original feel.

Off the back of such an thrilling release, we caught up with the boys to talk about their latest offering…..

A crazy time for a crazy band, thankyou guys so much for talking to us, we’re so excited about this release. You took a small hiatus in 2019 to write some new material, how are you feeling about this new offering?

It’s great to be able to share the new single with everyone, we’ve been able to take a lot of time getting this release exactly how we wanted it, so we’re all very happy. In a way this single represents and new chapter for the band and is by far the biggest campaign we’ve ever embarked on. After finding a few pound coins between the sofa cushion, we slowly came out of a self-appointed hibernation and decided to construct something relatively ambitious.

I must say the video is absolutely amazing, the shaved head, the jealous boyfriend and of course the climactic ending; I’m sure it was as much fun to film as it was to watch. How was the filming process? 

Chaotic to say the least. We shot in almost guerilla fashion at Bobby’s in West Hampstead, London, (literally shooting just after they shut and just before they opened the following day). Its a place that we’ve spent many nights hanging out, what with it being just up the road from where Crosby works and conveniently placed just a couple of stops on the tube from home/before you get back from work or a gig. What’s different about Bobby’s is that it is frozen in the 70s: the wallpaper, furniture, music, photos and even the toilets are true to the aesthetic. After engaging with our friends at BIGFATCREATIVE, we began to develop a more cohesive identity for the band, one that could quite easily sit on the wall in Bobby’s, so it seemed a perfect location for our first music video. 

Feel Good was such a joyous release that still adorns the speakers of many, and Leaving follows suit with even more tenacity, was it a case of following the same process during the production stage or did you deviate slightly? 

We recorded a raw demo for ‘Leaving’ at our home studio about a year ago, following a similar creative process to Feel Good. Then Joe met Michael Smith from RYP Recordings (Wolf Alice, Anteros, Weird Milk) at a gig he was promoting and after showing him some of our new music we embarked on what is a great partnership. I think this release is much more refined than anything we’ve done before, from the video to getting it mastered at Metropolis Studios.

You claim some of your inspiration from the likes of Tame Impala, Arcade Fire and Jungle, did you have these bands in mind while recording or does the single portray a melting pot of influences? 

It’s usually just a case of thrashing out a demo and then the song almost moulds into a specific style as we add more layers. Having said that, we’ve all got a wide range of musical tastes which sometimes reflects the music we produce. The opening blues-driven riff you can hear was the first piece of audio recorded, so each additional element had to fit into that rhythm and tone. We’ve had a lot of varying comparisons off the back of this single which we hope means we’ve created an original yet modern sound.

For those who don’t know the logistics, you all live together in your house/studio in north west London. Whats life like in The Pylons house?

Again, chaotic, but we get a lot done in the process. Having the studio at home means we haven’t got to worry about booking a recording space so we’re constantly listening, writing and recording together; I think we must have about 30 potential tracks in the pipeline. At the end of the day its just friends playing music, building and burning bridges with neighbours, and maintaining the long held tradition of poorly handling finances, what’s not to love about it.

This new record is a delight to the ears and the eyes, have you got anything exciting on the horizon you wish to share?

Thankyou again for your kind words. We’re excited to announce that this is the first in a line of single releases planned throughout the summer months which will hopefully coincide with some live shows during the winter. We’ve had a massive amount of support so far so thankyou to everyone who has backed the single and there’s plenty more to come.

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