Canadian Psychedelic Rockers Wrecked Beach Release Debut Album ‘Eye Tide’

Hailing from Vancouver, five-piece Wrecked Beach traverse a fine line between contemporary garage rock and synth-driven psychedelic pop. Submerged in vintage 70’s tones, this latest offering draws comparisons to the likes of T-rex and Jefferson Airplane, but with the confident modernity of Mac Demarco and The Strokes. Eye Tide oozes with grit without ever becoming distorted, in fact the sparse, chorus-laden guitars offer enough room for the vocals to envelop into the spaces, caressing the ears into a subtle trance.

After releasing two previous singles in 2019; Lost In Thought and Strangers, the turn of the 2020 signalled the start of a fresh and colourful campaign, including two new releases in the form of Fade and Daydream. As well as it’s breathtaking landscape, Canada’s west coast is slowly growing and bourgeoning reputation for producing new talent, and wrecked beach are leading the charge with a chaotic swagger.

This album is littered with sprinkles of magic, with my personal favourites being the outrageously feel-good chorus in Up All Night and the colourful broodiness of Fade. In such a competitive genre, Wrecked Beach have once again demonstrated a relentless attitude towards honing their own sonic footprint, leading to a record that emanates the impression of a band who really are at the top of their game.

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