Sunflower Thieves Release Enchanting New Single ‘Hide and Seek’

After releasing two singles in 2018 and 2019 respectively, Leeds pop-folk outfit Sunflower Thieves are back with another graciously tranquillising offering in the form of their new single ‘Hide and Seek‘. Drawing comparisons to The Staves and female trio Joseph, the duo have truly honed their own sonic identity, combining ethereal pad-work with unprocessed and textured vocal harmonies that even the most competent of vocoders would struggle to replicate. The song progresses into a cacophony of rich vocal textures, swaying between the continuous rhythm of the acoustic guitar as the mix calmly wraps around your ears in almost reassuring fashion.

After sixteen years of friendship, the girls have forged a “soulful sisterhood” and a sound that breathes with passion and warmth, where your mind and ears are happy to be submersed in layers of soulful reverb. Having the pleasure of watching their captivatingly candid performance in Leeds last year, it’s clear to see why people are getting so excited about them; they really do sound just like the record. Since their debut single Two Halves in 2018, the duo have continued to develop both sonically and lyrically, affirmed by BBC DJ Dean Jackson’s who voiced his fondness of their latest single: “You think they’re great, and then suddenly another track comes in and they’ve raised the bar still higher”, a statement I have to agree with.

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