VAO Releases Debut Single ‘Hey Alaska’

Hailing from Norway, VAO is a singer-songwriter with an exciting difference: self-producing, mixing, recording and mastering everything on an iPhone X.

Starting out as a skeleton of lyrics in the winter of 2019, VAO’s debut single ‘Alaska’ is an ambient triumph. Built around the compelling vocals in the chorus, layers of airy synths and swooning melodies linger across the soundscape, capturing the mix in a foggy wilderness. Sitting between electric-pop and ambient space-rock, the song opens to an arpeggiated synth, oscillating to a continuous rhythm that serves to drive the flow of the haunting instrumental; enveloped into dreamy notes and serene harmonies that sway gracefully in the background.

Using GarageBand, AudioMaster Pro for mastering and a basic pair of Apple earphones for recording, the end product is an impressively textured body of work, especially when you consider the proficiency issues when engineering everything with an iPhone X. ‘Alaska’ carries with it an overarching atmospheric context, a genuine sonic release from reality, or in the artists own words “a good song to put on while driving anywhere, as it’s all about”.

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