Quinn Mills Releases Second Studio Album ‘Strangers In The Dark’

Born in the bustling streets of Toronto, Quinn Mills is quickly becoming a rising artist on Canada’s south coast and across the pond in The Big Apple. His latest record “Strangers in the Dark” carries with it all the hallmarks of a classic alternative rock album but with a moody and atmospheric twist.

Expressing a narrative on the disorientated mind of a young male and the tribulations that comes with it, the themes of struggling with love, success and getting by are such universal experiences that every song bleeds with sentimentality, no more so than the albums star track ‘Ascots’. Accompanied by his band ‘The Common Era’, Mills’ glossy delivery steals the show, guided by a combination of chunky bass stabs, roaring drums and crunchy guitars wrapped up in a captivatingly candid package.

At only the 20 years old, the singer songwriter as already signed to MP Music House, going on to play his first sold out show at the Horse Shoe Tavern in January 2020. With an impressive set of streaming figures and the stage show pedigree to match, the potential here is scary, especially with an ardent following developing in New York City. For an artist so young, there is a real sense of sophistication with this record,. it’s not trying to be anything its not, but it leaves a lasting imprint with every listen.

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