Elektric Animals Hit Hard With Their New Single “Guillotine”

The four-piece from Denver, Colorado, have delivered a marvellous taste of alternative rock with their fifth single, from what is an impressively dynamic musical portfolio.

After a synth filled intro, we are pulled straight into catchy top-line that draws comparisons to early Muse. A raw and propelling guitar beds Nick Sanders’ first remarks, “My baby, she always treats me like I’m Jesus”, straight away showing us a defiant swagger that refused to be shrugged off. The heavy hitting stadium-like drums sound brings us to a gratifying and prolonged breakdown, only for it to then contort straight back into the fantastic melodic production as the song develops into the chorus.

To describe Elektric Animals in a phrase wouldn’t be enough, but that is a testament to their originality. We could say they sound like if Fall Out Boy found a synthesiser, but their uniqueness represents a uniqueness that represents their hometown of Denver. In the footsteps of The Fray, The Lumineers and Tennis, it is good to see that the new music river still flows effortlessly through the streets of Colorado.

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