NoDisco. Drops New Track ‘Moonlight In My Bedroom’

Blending elements of new jack swing, indie-pop, post-punk and samba, nodisco. doesn’t conform to a set genre for inspiration, instead his sound promotes an artist that strives to be redefined.

Written in the form of an emotive diary entry, the song describes a relationship at its peak; oozing with nostalgic nuances. The detailing within the lyrics solidifies the tone of the song itself, and though electronic in nature, the engineering edges into the realms of the cinematic, driven by a shimmering Nile Rodger-inspired guitar riff. 

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Kwassa and Victors, nodisco. has shown a high level of creative maturity in his latest release, as many who decide to produce in this style end up lost amongst a sea of similar artists. However the crisp 80’s inspired instrumental paints itself with  enough originality to leave listeners struggling to characterise and compare. Under the watch of legendary R&B producer Babyface, crafting verse melodies and choruses has been a meticulous process for the Toronto-based singer songwriter. 

By slyly balancing his deeply personal and honest lyricism with an incredibly upbeat and buoyant soundscape, nodisco. has created something ultimately innovative: a true ear-worm of the highest calibre.

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